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The war of words prior to UFC99 previously dominated by the Hardy vs Davis clash has taken a new turn with Paul Kelly announcing that he is “gona kill that fuckin’ Big Issue selling skiny rat !”, referring of course to Roli Delgado.

Kelly who is facing Roli “The Crazy Cuban” Delgado tomorrow night in Koln Germany on UFC 99 was distinctly unimpressed by Delgardo’s weigh in antics. After stepping off the scales the two squared up and Delgardo, who was sporting the just released from a POW camp look, gave Kelly a shove sending him flying backwards almost tripping over the scales. Kelly was not impressed.

Paul Kelly - last day of training before leaving for Germany

I am gona’ break his jaw the cheeky cunt, the UFC is havin’ enough bad press as it is, an’ that little mummy’s boy goes an’ does that. Watch this space people … people that know me know that I fight better angry. That guy has just fucked up royally

This sentiment was backed up by Kelly’s manager and Wolfslair owner Anthony Mcgann. “Delgado shoved Paul, nearly off the stage at the weigh-ins. He obviously doesn’t know Paul. Paul charged up is a very scary kid. And he is pissed off”

This is Kelly’s first fight after dropping down to lightweight and he is in no mood to take prisoners. “I’m going to physically kill Roli Delgardo tomorrow. That cheeky homeless lookin’ idiot made a big mistake pushing me on the stage like that an’ he will pay in the octagon… the ref will have to drag me off him for real !!

So with Hardy and Davis and now Kelly and Delgrado, Germany’s first UFC is shaping up to be a real grudge event.

And will FIGHTSHOP offer unbiased reporting and viewpoints?

Will we f*ck !!!



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