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M-1 Global Team England

M-1 Global Team England

M-1 Global Team England took delivery of their Sandee MMA equipment yesterday. Sandee Thailand are one of the leading Thai equipment manufacturers and the preferred MMA equipment choice of MMA athletes such as Mike Bisping, Dan Hardy, Paul Kelly and a whole host of leading fighters and trainers.

M-1 Global Team England now join the ranks of top level combat sports athletes who rely on Sandee MMA equipment to give them the extra dimention to their training.

Sandee Thailand MMA equipment was provided by FIGHTSHOP.com, distributor of Sandee Thailand Equipment.

The full range of Sandee Thailand MMA equipment is available for purchase at FIGHTSHOP.com. Shipping throughout Europe.

The M-1 Global Team England are

  • Danny Giblin
  • Rob Broughton
  • Tom Blackledge
  • Matt Thorpe
  • Simon Phillips
  • Ian Butlin
Sandee Red

Sandee Thailand MMA Equipment

If you are a club, shop, instructor, personal trainer, public body, school, police, fire brigade, army, navy, air force, charity, community group or similar then contact us for a trade account for Sandee Thailand MMA Equipment. sales@fightshop.com

More about M-1 Global visit www.m-1global.com

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This is a scene taken from the British fight film UNDERGROUND, which is now available to buy nationwide in the UK at Amazon.co.uk, Play.com and high street HMV stores.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To win a copy of the Special Edition UNDERGROUND DVD signed by the films stars Mark Strange (BODYGUARD: A NEW BEGINNING), Danny John Jules (RED DWARF), Joey Ansah (BOURNE ULTIMATUM) and the film’s director Chee Keong Cheung, enter the FightNub competition at the link below:


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Top UFC Fighters Mike Bisping and Quinton Rampage Jackson sparring. Mike Bisping is using his  favourite mma equipment brand of gloves “Sandee of Thailand”. Sandee Thailand martial arts training equipment is  distributed in the UK and Europe by FIGHTSHOP.com

Mike Bisping Sparring With Rampage With Sandee Gloves

Mike Bisping Sparring Rampage With Sandee Gloves

To open a trade account and stock Sandee martial arts training equipment in your club or shop contact FIGHTSHOP.com

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Exclusive sneak preview of the UFC Magazine. Pretty slick production. My favourite is Bisping suited and booted next to an Aston Martin facing of a casual Dan Henderson next to some American muscle car.

(Click on the thumbnails to enlarge)

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The eagerly awaited UFC 100 commemorative edition magazine isn’t supposed to hit the newsstands until June 29th but here at FIGHTNUB.COM we have an exclusive preview and review of the magazine.

The special issue magazine timed to coincide with what is expected to be one of the biggest pay-per-view events in UFC history on July 11, is already 10 deep on the shelves in some grocery stores in China.

How and why  the Chinese get to see this highly anticipated publication before anyone in America or Europe is anyone’s guess, but friend of Fightnub.com “Slip the Jab” the man with his ear to the ground in China bought it, read it, and did this 3 minute review. Cheers Slip

Dana White - Cover Model of The New UFC Magazine

Dana White - Cover Model of The New UFC Magazine

Ok quick update… I wore that badboy out today. I read it from cover to cover and then some… a hilarious photo shoot that shows Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir about to brawl in a casino… obviously it’s a totally pro lit and shot studio shot.

What else… yeah the pics overall are tops.

Oh… mind blowing… just insane…
There is a top down shot of the octagon and so you see it all, the crowd and everything form a birdseye view… and then there are little callouts that show what they have going on… get this… no less than 16 camera men covering each bout from start to finish… insane. The whole thing is what boxing wasn’t. They’ve really notched it up… its just a mad sales piece… whenever Zufa (the Fertitta brothers) and Dana White walk away from this if they do they will be billionaires. They’ve got to be getting close now.

This is what boxing never had… big glitzy layouts explaing all the details and rules and the ins and outs and just letting the fans and punters know what the hell is going on… they called out the press areas and how many people were covering it… they counted out the number of security at the venue for each show… I mean Disney doesn’t even run a ship this tight. Boxing really just can’t compare. They are so behind the curve it’s depressing… and that’s coming from a died in the wool boxing fan.

Oh… and a great little interview with the top UFC cut guy… stuff I want to know about. Damn love this stuff. I think it can only get better if this is the start. Impressed.

The magazine is mad equity in the UFC brand. Even I noticed every interview with every fighter was all about how the UFC made it possible… what it means to be UFC associated… why it’s tits to be in the UFC… how come your grandmothers taint tastes better because of UFC!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Mad marketing I tell ya !

The production quality of the mag and photoshoots is high. Easily on par with the best fight mags out there… maybe even better… certainly shows all the Kung Fu today etc to be the pieces of turds they are in terms of production value.

It can be a bit over the top… but what in the UFC isn’t?

They will turn a profit from the mag at any rate.. because they’re not paying a cent extra for all the fight pics… for the spreads yes… but that’s covered easy and they will have no trouble selling ad space. Of which they already had chock full of ads for protein gear and you name it.

Oh get this…. HAHAHAHAHA!!! They even have car and lifestyle products review. That’s right… sunglasses and lip balm and key chains. And MMA fighters in pro-shot fashion exposes…. no kidding. Not just hack work.. stuff that is lit, styled and shot.

They have semi-serious write ups on muscle cars… its comedy… exterior and interior shots… rimz (what nukka ain’t ridin’ on rims biatch!?)… ROTFLMAO!!

They have hot centerfold honeys as well. Got to say she looks great in the shots they have … not like the usual low end ring girl skank. They’re definitely going up market.

Jeez what else? I’ll think of some more.. but worth checking out. Oh one interesting thing… the shop that had these never carries boxing mags and only one other Aus. based fight/MA mag… yet this premier issue they had NO LESS THAN 10 COPIES!!

There is some cozy dealings going on with their sales reps for sure. If UFC fighters are essentially modern day gladiators… then no doubt the Fertitti brothers and Dana White are some clever ass senators ruling the citizens of the fight world.

FWIW I searched and tried to find a copy of the cover of it to post here… but couldn’t – not even on Amazon… I find it shocking that I have 10 copies here in HK but can’t find a cover shot online. Weird.

Looks like it is set to be a winner, but will they really stop at one edition? Time will tell.







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murray1One of, if not the, most controversial figures in UK MMA “Lightning” Lee Murray was released yesterday from the Moroccan jail in which he was being held for the last three years on charges of cocaine possession.

Murray has always been a controversial figure both in and out of the MMA world. Once regarded as the best UK MMA athlete and the Brit most likely to establish himself at the premier tier of MMA on the world stage, his life outside of the cage has been, if nothing else, interesting to say the least.

Lee Murray, one time UFC fighter, is the alleged mastermind behind the largest bank raid in British history when in 2006 when he and six other associates allegedly stole more than £50 million ($75m) from a Securitas depot.  The depot manager’s wife and eight-year-old son were kidnapped  at gunpoint from their home after they answered the door to men dressed in police uniforms, who falsely informed them that the manager had been involved in a road traffic accident. They were then driven to a farm at which the manager was being held, where he was told at gunpoint that failure to cooperate could put him and his family in danger.

Murray has been a fugitive from British justice ever since, hiding out in Morocco until his incarceration there. Morocco does not have an extradition treaty with the UK and Murray is claiming Moroccan citizenship as his father is Moroccan.

In 2002 Murray was allegedly involved in a scuffle with then-UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz outside of a nightclub in London after UFC 38, in which Ortiz was knocked unconscious.

Lee Murray vs Anderson Silva - Cage Rage 2004

Lee Murray vs Anderson Silva - Cage Rage 2004

Lee Murray (8 – 2 – 1) lost a unanimous decision to current UFC champ Anderson Silva in November 2004 at Cage Rage in London. He had previously submitted Jorge Rivera at UFC46.

In September  2005 Murray was hospitalized after being stabbed in a brawl outside the Funky Buddha club in London at the birthday party of Page 3 glamour model Lauren Pope. Murray suffered a punctured lung and a severed artery. According to the doctor who performed the life saving surgery on Murray he was resuscitated four times during the operation that saved his life.

Murray was arrested in 25 June 2006, in the Moroccan capital Rabat for suspected involvement in the Securitas depot robbery but was subsequently convicted and jailed in Morocco for cocaine possession.

In June 2009, an attempt to escape Sale prison in Morocco was made by Murray. Small saws were found in a plate of biscuits in Murray’s cell by another prisoner who broke into it.

Lee Murray was released last Tuesday 23rd June after judges in the Moroccan Supreme Court upheld his claim that he is a citizen of the North African nation.

Lee Murray’s solicitor Derak Parker said

“I spoke to him last night and he didn’t even know that he was going for a hearing on the extradition. It was a complete surprise. When he arrived to court, they told him, ‘You’re a Moroccan citizen. You can go. He has every intention of fighting again, but I don’t think he’ll be going back to the UK in our lifetime. And the U.S. isn’t high on his list of vacation destinations either.”

Time Inc. Have stated that they would be making a film about Lee Murray’s alleged role in the robbery, called “Breaking the Bank”. In addition to the robbery, the film will also concentrate on Murray’s life, including his mixed martial arts career.

Lee Murray vs Anderson Silva

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John Wayne Parr is fast approaching a century of fights. The 33 year old star of the Contender Asia had his first fight when he was only 14 and his next fight will be his hundredth.

The Australian, who first started learning Taekwondo at the age of 11, has fought in K-1 and enjoyed a successful boxing career as well as making a brief sojourn into the world of professional MMA. However it is as a Muay Thai fighter that he will best be remembered and it is fitting that his one hundredth fight should be against a fellow Muay Thai legend, Buakaw Por Pramuk.

‘It feels as though it has taken bloody forever to reach 100 fights but I finally made it and it will be against one of the best fighters on the planet on the biggest Muay Thai show in the world,’ he says.

The fight will be taking place on June 26th at Montego Bay in Jamaica in possibly the biggest international event in the history of the sport. ‘Buakaw has beaten so many world class fighters and at one stage was untouchable but now things are starting to change and he is starting to get tagged more and more. If I can give him a hard fight when he was at his peak and know I can beat him if he is not “on” fighting me,’ says John.

John Wayne Parr Heading out to Jamaica - Photo by Carmen Bakker

John Wayne Parr Heading out to Jamaica - Photo by Carmen Bakker

Buakaw won their previous encounter in the final of the K-2 Max Tournament in 2004 and the Australian is looking forward to the opportunity to get revenge in Jamaica, ‘I am excited about this fight. Buakaw is a super star

I’m not worried because I have a lot of experience of getting in the ring with good fighters. I don’t know whether I will win the entire tournament but I have a lot of confidence in myself. I have been training specifically for K-1 and I am in great shape.’ John Wayne Parr, alongside fellow Contender Asia veteran Yodsenklai, was notable by his absence from the 2009 K-1 World Max Tournament. Would he like to have been involved in such a prestigious event?
‘I would love to still be in K-1 Max but it’s not up to me it’s up to the bosses of the corporation. In my last fight for them I fought Kinami and beat him pretty easy. That was my last fight on my contract and K-1 said they would re-sign me. The next promotion came and went and no one contacted me and I been waiting ever since. I don’t mind though, K-1 is great to fight for but I have managed to stay busy fighting what I love best in full Muay Thai so life goes on. I don’t miss making 70kg either.’
The inaugural series of reality TV show the Contender Asia did much to raise the profile of Muay Thai world wide and while he may have only finished as runner up John was the undeniable star of the show. ‘Not only did the Contender Asia help get the sport of Muay Thai into lounge rooms across the world that would never usually spend the time to tune in but also helped lift my profile to a whole new level.

Now wherever I go around the world I have people come up and say hello because they watched the show. It really is a buzz to get recognized as the guy that was on that show.’
John was very much the veteran of the house and he managed to endear himself to housemates and viewers alike. He has fond memories of his time on the show, ‘Being older and having as many fights as I have had meant I got a lot of respect off the younger guys and they would all ask me to work there corner which was quite an honor. Even though I was older then most of the boys I still held my own and got to the final, cant ask for much more then that,’ he says ‘I am happy with everything that happened on the show apart from getting chickenpox.

The whole time when I was in Singapore I wanted to reach the final for myself, but once the show started to air I realized how important it was for my profile world wide with so many people watching. I lost the final but I am happy I gave Yodsanklai a hard fight, those knock downs were the hardest I have ever been punched in the face but I got up and least I made Yod earn his $150,000 instead of just giving it to him.’ Since losing to Yodsanklai John has defeated fellow Contender Asia cast members Sean Wright and Dzhabar Askerov and, more impressively, recently avenged his 2002 loss to Mike Zambidis. Now aged 33 and with 99 bouts under his belt the fight with Buakaw will give him the perfectopportunity to demonstrate that the journey which began with that first Taekwondo lesson 22 years ago is far from over.

John Wayne Parr spoke exclusively to James Goyder for Muay Thai Phuket Magazine www.jamesgoyder.com

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There has been much speculation and numerous rumours that the UFC would be heading to Manchester England with Bisping a headline event in the latter quarter of 2009, with a November date being thrown around as the most likely.

However  Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kier confirmed on US MMA forum The Underground that the UFC has formally requested a Nov. 21 event date at the Mandalay Bay Events Centre in Las Vegas for UFC 105.


It now appears that there is some substance t both these rumours.  MMA Junkie are reporting that multiple sources have told them that the Vegas event, UFC 106, will likely follow a Nov 14 UFC 105 event which is expected to take place in the U.K. ,possibly at the site of their first foray into the UK at the MEN Arena in Manchester.

No fights are set for either card, though UFC 105 will likely be heavy on UK and mainland European talent and it doesn’t stretch the imagination too much to expect Bisping to headline in his home city, with additional inclusions of “TUF 9” winners Ross Pearson and James Wilks.

With the UFC partnership with Setanta now ended it still remains to be seen how UK and European fans will be able to view the UK event.

The latest 2009 schedule (subject to change) for the UFC now includes:

  • UFC 100 on July 11 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas
  • UFC 101 on Aug. 8 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia
  • UFC 102 on Aug. 29 at the Rose Garden in Portland, Ore.
  • UFC Fight Night 19 on Sept. 16 at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City
  • UFC 103 on Sept. 19 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas
  • UFC 104 on Oct. 24 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles
  • UFC 105 on Nov. 14 in the U.K. MEN Arena
  • UFC 106 on Nov. 21 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas
  • The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale on Dec. 5 at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas

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