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Another research study has just been published, which shows marathon runners drinking Montmorency cherry juice before and after the race recovered far quicker, with less soreness, than others drinking a placebo drink.

This research backs up our own study, performed on elite football, rugby and taekwondo players, that a daily glass of CherryActive can significantly improve recovery of muscle function and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness. CherryActive’s customer base boasts hundreds of the top names in UK and world sport (including Olympic and World Champions) in running, triathlon, cycling, swimming, mixed martial arts, top Premiership football and rugby teams and tennis stars training for this year’s Wimbledon. We also have thousands of other “mere mortal” customers who enjoy a regular run, play for their local football team, or enjoy tennis, golf or a host of other activities, who take CherryActive to help their recovery as well as promote healthy joints and help them get off to a good night’s sleep.

Cherry Active Antioxident Concentrate

Cherry Active Antioxident Concentrate

CherryActive is also great to help support joints (anti-inflammatory benefits), promote general health (antioxidant benefits) and aid sleep patterns (contains naturally occurring melatonin).

On the Marathon front, I really wanted to mention our very own John Fisher, one of CherryActive’s sales and marketing managers. He is running his ninth consecutive London Marathon this Sunday and aims to break the 4 hour barrier. What makes this incredible is that John had a heart transplant 10 years ago and enters gruelling endurance events to highlight how you can lead a full and active life after tranplantation. He has regular meetings with the government on tranplantation issues and runs a charity, To Transplant & Beyond, to help recipients and their families raise awareness of the positive side of transplantation and encourage more people to join the donation register. I think that John is a true hero, and wish him the very best of luck this Sunday!

Please remember to pop CherryActive Concentrate on arrival in a fridge or freezer to keep at their best.

Cheery Active is available at http://www.fightshop.com/cherry-active-m17

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