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The FIGHTSHOP girls at a recent MMA event in Bolton – FIGHT IKON

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M-1 Global Challenge

M-1 Global Challenge

Only the 4 best MMA Teams remain in the semi finals of the M-1 Global Challenge.

See Team England take out the Russian Legion next Saturday night live on internet PPV.

M-1 Global Challenge Team England proudly sponsored by Sandee, the choice of the professionals since 1979. Sandee are the official equpment of the M-1 Global England Team.

Sandee Thailand Since 1979

Sandee Thailand Since 1979

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Not only is Rumble At The Reebok making waves in the Thai Boxing world, its now attracting the glamour of Hollywood !

Tonight’s show will be attended by Lancashire and Hong Kong based filmmaker producer and action actor Mark Strange. Mark will be presenting the trophies to one of tonight’s bouts.

Mark has worked with some of the best in the industry including Sir Ian McKellen, Jackie Chan, Cary Tagawa, Richard Ng, Danny John Joules , and many other established actors. He was in Batman Returns and numerous Jackie Chan films.

Mark in collaboration with director Chee Keong Cheung has just released his own UK produced independent action/martial arts move BODYGAURD A New Beginning, which has received critical acclaim at film festivals throughout the world. Bodyguard is currently available at HMV and Play.Com.

Bodyguard A New Beginning

Bodyguard A New Beginning

Mark is also about to launch a series of seminars aimed at fighters and martial artists who want to get into the film industry. Mark is currently looking for gym owners to team up with to run the seminars. So if you fancy getting into Hollywood action Mark is the guy to speak to tonight.

Bodyguard A New Beginning is proud to sponsor one of tonight’s bouts and Mark will be presenting the trophies.

More Details of Mark Strange, Bodyguard and his career and project to date visit his website

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This weekend’s M1-Global Challenge MMA clash between England and Spain in Holland will be available for viweing for UK MMA fans for just £5.

M1-Global MMA Challenge England vs Spain

M1-Global MMA Challenge England vs Spain

Thats right just £5 to see team Team England take on Spain in the M1-Global Challenge this Saturday and Sunday in Hilversum, Holland at Studio 22.

A total of 60 fighters representing 10 counties for a combined total of 30 fights are on tap and you can support Team England and see some great MMA action from the cream of UK fighters for only £5.

M1-Global Team England Light Heavyweight - Wolfslairs Tom Blackledge

M1-Global Team England Light Heavyweight - Wolfslair's Tom Blackledge

For those unable to attend, M-1Global.com will be offering both days of action via Internet PPV. To order the Pay Per View click on the link at the bottom of this page

Below is the finalized card for this weekend’s M-1 Challenge:

Superfight (Kickboxing Rules): Jeronimo de Groot vs. Sascha Valentic

Team England vs. Team Spain

LW – Scott Hewitt vs. Jose Roque

WW – Simon Phillips vs. Jonathan Leon

MW – Matt Thorpe vs. Rafael Rodriquez

LHW – Tom Blackledge vs. Enoc Solbes

HW – David Keeley vs. Paco Estevez

Team France vs. Team Japan

LW – Makhtar Gueye vs. Yoshiro Tomioka

WW – Geal Grimoud vs. Yuya Shirai

MW – Christophe Dafreville vs. Yusuke Masuda

LHW – Christian M’Pumbu vs. Hideto Tatsumi

HW – Akim Assenine vs. Yoshiyuki Nakanishi

Team World vs. Team Germany

LW – Danial Sharifi vs. Daniel Weichel

WW – Diego Gonzalez vs. Nordin Asrih

MW – Nathan Schouteren vs. Ismael Cetinkaya

LHW – Johan Romming vs. Mathias Schuck

HW – Miodrag Petkovic vs. Marko Zschornau

FIGHTSHOP.com are official suppliers of Sandee Combat Sports equipment to the M1-Global Team England squad.

To order the PPV click HERE to go to the M1-Global website

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UFC 101 Declaration

UFC 101 Declaration

UFC 101 Declaration in Philadelphia saw the hefty fight bonuses go to the main event stars.

Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin were awarded £60,000 each for Fight of the Night

Anderson Silva received an additional £60,000 for Knockout of The Night

BJ Penn landed himself £60,000 for Submission Of The Night for his RNC of challenger Kenny Florian

The fight of the night award seemed a little strange considering the rather bizarre way it ended with Griffin more or less running from the Octagon the minute he regained his composure and got to his feet. Griffin was not present in the Octagon to hear the result not was he at the post fight press conference afterwards.

Anderson Silva has succeeded in making yet another top level competitor appears a slow, clumsy novice. However the method of his victory, a stunning jab to the jaw of the back foot, endeared him once again to the UFC fans who got to witness the classic Silva. Supremely clinical striking and technical wizardry culminating in a deviating knockout.

Buy Anderson Silva Merchandise HERE

Buy BJ Penn Merchandise HERE

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This is a scene taken from the British fight film UNDERGROUND, which is now available to buy nationwide in the UK at Amazon.co.uk, Play.com and high street HMV stores.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To win a copy of the Special Edition UNDERGROUND DVD signed by the films stars Mark Strange (BODYGUARD: A NEW BEGINNING), Danny John Jules (RED DWARF), Joey Ansah (BOURNE ULTIMATUM) and the film’s director Chee Keong Cheung, enter the FightNub competition at the link below:


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FIGHTNUB.com in association with FIGHTSHOP.com and Mark Strange are offering you the chance to win a signed copy of UNDERGROUND The Movie

In an increasingly voyeuristic and oppressive society, a new form of reality entertainment is sweeping the country. Taking place in undisclosed locations across the country, filmed and streamed over the internet and watched by a select live audience. Some take part for entertainment, some for the chance of a better life… underground, no hold barred, prize fighting.

This is reality entertainment to the extreme.

In the UK suburbs, an underground tournament is set to challenge twelve fighters from different backgrounds to compete for the prize of £500,000. They have been handpicked for a no-holds barred competition that will push each fighter to their limit.

Each fighter has their own reason for competing, and each will give everything they’ve got to take the prize…

…but there can be only one winner.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

To win a copy of the Special Edition Underground UK DVD, signed by stars Mark Strange (‘Bodyguard: A New Beginning’), Danny John Jules (‘Red Dwarf’), Joey Ansah (‘Bourne Ultimatum’) and the film’s director Chee Keong Cheung. Simply watch the trailer and answer the related question below:

Question: What is the prize money that Mark Strange’s character and the other eleven competitors are fighting for?

Please email your answers to info@fightnub.com and make the subject ‘Underground Competition’.

The runner up will receive an un-signed copy of the ‘Underground’ DVD.

The closing date is Sat 27th June 2009

Underground The Movie

Underground The Movie

For further information on ‘Underground’ and its star Mark Strange please visit the following sites:



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