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Fast and Furious Muay Thai action from the first of Bad Company’s Thai Events of the year.

The Leeds Oceana is the taster show to wet the appetite for Bad Company’s Richard Smith’s  Town Hall event in June, The event still featured a strong line up including Rich Cadden and Luke Turner both dominating . Check out the photos below

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Bad Company, probably the most consistently successful Muay Thai gym in the UK to date. Bad Company is home to the likes of Liam Harison, Andy Howeson, Lisa Houghton-Smith, Richard Cadden, Jordan Watson and James France .

Richard Smith of Bad Company Muay Thai has been training champions and putting on some of the best domestic Muay Thai shows in the UK for years. This Sunday April 18th 2010 sees another awesome Bad Company Muay Thai promotion at Oceana Leeds.

The Bad Company Muay Thai show at Oceana Leeds Sunday 18th April full line up
3×2 Jordan Master A’s v Duncan Scott Kao Loi
5×1.5 Luke Imieson Bad Company v Warren Greaves Hanuman
5×1.5 Liam Hughes Team Tieu Gymbox v Martin Chok Dee
3×2 Rob Walker Master A’s v Simon Little Hanuman
5×1.5 Tim Nutter Pegasus v Sean Silver Salford
5×1.5 Ashley Twist Bad Company v Josh Buckle Kao Loi
5×1.5 Luke Kenneddy Tobins v Mark Price Wossabama
5×3 Luke Turner Bad Company v Rob Doyle Bridgestone

5×2 Kyle Fella Bad Company v Ryan Lowney Pythons
3×2 Kai Master A’s v Matt Craven Jai
5×2 Ben Lewis Bad Company v Marc Smith Russ Williams
5×1.5 Andy Sims East Riding v Rick Barton v MMA Academy
5×3 George Berry Bad Company v Jonno Chipchase MFA
5×1.5 Billy Hatton 2T/Sitnarong v Sam Shambley Fight Unit
5×3 Richard Cadden Bad Company v Paul Kelly Wossabama

Tickets are still available at www.badcompanyshop.co.uk

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Photography for this event will be covered by Fightpics

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Just six weeks after her decision loss against top ranked UK muay thai fighter Sheree Halliday, Bad Company’s Sarah McCarthy takes the fight to the USA where she takes on experienced American female fighter Roxy “Balboa”Richardson at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Los Angeles, California on the 18th July.

Last week Bad Company’s Richard Smith told Fightnub.com:

“Sarah is looking great in the gym and really looking forward to the fight. Roxy has a lot of amateur experience and has won the  IAMTF US Women’s Lightweight Champion 2008 & 2009. She also does MMA and has her own site – http://roxyfit.com. She’s experience and obviously a local favourite but I think she has bitten off more than she can chew taking on Sarah and against Bad Company!”

Bad Company's Sarah McCarthy

Bad Company's Sarah McCarthy

Leeds lady McCarthy who looked impressive at Rumble at the Reebok at the end of May, is hoping for a good showing against her American opponent who despite her amateur experience is fighting for the first time under full Thai rules, and has had to look to Europe to take her Muay Thai to the next level.  Speaking to fightnub.com Roxy said:

“I think Sarah is a tough competitor. From what I can tell, she is active, high in the British rankings, serious about training hard and I know she comes to throw down – those are the type of fighters i look forward to competing against. So… game on! I feel strong mentally and physically. My training is challenging and varied as usual. I love training hard, so that’s never been a problem. My fight trainer is Jimmie Romero and my strength coach is Kris Germain. Between the two of them I never question my preparation.

Roxy "Balboa" Richardson

Roxy "Balboa" Richardson

I was able to find many fights as an amateur in California. I have been fighting now for about 6 years and including “smokers” I have almost 20 fights, but there are few female pro Muay Thai fighters in the US, so when I felt it was time for me to fight full rules Muay Thai the promoters had to look to Europe. The system is different here than it is in Europe we don’t’ have A, B and C class fighters, it’s just sanctioned amateur (non-padded) or pro. “Smokers”, unsanctioned bouts with padding are now illegal.

Whatever the outcome we wish both girls good luck, and hope that Sarah can elevate UK Mauy Thai in the states.

Sheree Halliday vs Sarah MCarthy - Rumble at the Reebok

Sheree Halliday vs Sarah MCarthy - Rumble at the Reebok 31st May

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