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Mike Bisping and Dan Henderson face off prior to their UFC 100 bout. Let’s hope Mike is as sharp in the Octagon as he is in the photo and Henderson is just as sloppy

bisping henderson

Mike Bisping and Dan Henderson Face Off

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In what is becoming our regular feature we pit an avid UFC fan in the form of FIGHTNUB.com’s fan-boy Dave against a UFC pro in the form of Dave Jackson, Wolfslair Thai coach and instructor to Rampage Jackson, Mike Bisping, Cheik Kongo, and Paul Kelly. Dave Jackson was also assistant coach on The Ultimate Fighter 9 for team UK.

For UFC 99 it was a straight win for the pro with Dave Jackson getting all predictions spot on. Our Dave here at FIGHTNUB is looking to bounce back with a UFC 100 win over Dave Jackson the pro.

So here they are the FIGHTNUB.com UFC 100 predictions from Dave and Dave



Lesnar vs Mir

While Lesnar is undeniably one huge, powerful wrestling machine, his striking is still cumbersome and lacks the technique required for a clean knockout. Mir showed greatly improved stand-up against Nogueira in his last outing but there is little doubt that this one will end on the ground. I can’t get past the thought that 16 months submission defence training isn’t enough against one of the best heavyweight BJJ practitioners in the world. Once again submissions will be Lesnar’s Achilles heel-hook. I think Lesnar takes it this time. Last time he got caught on the ground by Mir but I think he will possibly look to keep it standing where he will be too big and powerful and win by tko rnd 1
Mir by submission. Lesnar TKO Rd 1

St-Pierre Vs Alves

The one question I have about St-Pierre is his chin. He hasn’t been hit much but when he has, he’s been hurt (Serra I). If this is a problem it will show here. Not only does Alves pack the power, his shots are often unpredictable and fast. St-Pierre however, is a master strategist with arguably the best wrestling in MMA. Even-ish on the feet, GSP with the edge on the ground, skill-wise, but Alves with the strength. This is a coin-flip for me. GSP is extremely fit and his wrestling wins this for me but it could be a lot closer than people expect so I am going for GSP on points
St-Pierre – close points decision GSP Points

Bisping vs Henderson

Bisping has proven that he can handle those annoying wrestling types in the best possible way – by just getting up. While he managed this with relative ease against Evans and Hamill they did not look to ‘ground and pound’ as soon as they hit the canvas as Henderson will and Mike won’t find it so easy. I’d have to give Bisping the edge in the stand up with great mobility, variety and Henderson’s lifelong habit of looking at the canvas while throwing his looping shots is tailor made for Bisping’s knees. I can’t see Henderson stopping Bisping but, and I hate to say this, I think the points will go in his favour with the judges with Mike not having the stopping power in his shots and, as we have seen before, over valuing the take-down. Although I am obviously biased I genuinely believe this is Mike’s fight for the taking. I see Mike’s cardio playing a big part in the fight and Hendo slowing down after round one as he did in his last fight. Although Hendo is a great wrestler I still can’t see him dominating Mike with it and Bisping’s stand up will be too slick and fast. I predict Mike on UD points or by rnd 3 stoppage.
Henderson Points Bisping UD/Rd 3 Stoppage

Fitch vs Thiago

I find it difficult to give a victory to someone I have seen only three minutes of, against an opponent that is well rounded and has gone the distance with GSP (yes, I know Koscheck did too). Thiago, on paper, has a good pedigree in BJJ but will he handle the rough stuff that Fitch will put on him – we’ll see. Hard fight for Thiago so i say early stoppage to Fitch but I could get this wrong if Thiago pulls off another upset like he did against Koscheck
Fitch TKO Fitch Stoppage

Akiyama vs Belcher

Akiyama is a well touted, big, strong Judo guy with knockout power that has fought all but one of his fights in Japan, which as we have seen before doesn’t necessarily mean a lot when they take their first step into the octagon. Denis Kang found that out against Alan Belcher at UFC 93 and Akiyama will have the same test. On paper though Akiyama, ranked 9th in the world by MMA Weekly, should win and judging by what I have seen on YouTube, I’m going with the paper. I see this as an easy submission victory for Akiyama in round 1 or 2 as I doubt that Belcher can keep this standing

Akiyama TKO

Akiyama Submssion

Dave Jackson is Muay Thai coach at the Wolfslair MMA Academy in the UK and coach to UFC stars Quinton Rampage Jackson, Mike Bisping, Cheik Kongo and Paul Kelly. Dave is one of the foremost experts in Muay Thai in Europe having started his Muay Thai career under the world famous Master Toddy. Dave is available for seminars and private lessons. Dave can be contacted via the Wolfslair MMA academy

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Taken from The Sun online

UFC 100 will air LIVE on Sky channel 433, the mixed martial arts promotion has confirmed.

The biggest show in MMA history will also be available live on UFC.com

But for most fans wanting to watch the show on TV, Sky channel 433 will effectively become a UFC channel for nine hours only.

Fans will be able to catch all the action from the biggest fight night of the year completely free of charge.

As an exciting bonus to British fans, Sky Channel 433’s UFC 100 coverage will begin at 9pm, Saturday, as a 9-hour UFC marathon gets underway with all five episodes of the ‘UFC’s Top 100 Fights’.

This will be followed by the official ‘Countdown to UFC 100’ program which then leads into 3am, where the spotlight turns to Las Vegas, as the biggest MMA show of all time goes LIVE.

UK fight fans unable to join the televised action on Sky Channel 433 need not worry, though, for they can also catch every punch, kick and submission at UFC 100 by logging on to UFC.com.

Those fans are encouraged to log-on to UFC.com for details on how they can watch UFC 100 live online.

Included on the historic UFC 100 card are UFC Championship battles between heavyweight juggernauts Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir and welterweight wrecking machines Georges St. Pierre and Thiago Alves.

Plus, Ultimate Fighter coaches collide as British superstar Michael ‘The Count Bisping and former PRIDE champion Dan Henderson throw-down in a middleweight showdown.

Beyond UFC 100, there are further exciting announcements in the pipeline for British UFC fans.

The Sun

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The Daily Telegraph’s Gareth A Davies caught up with Michael Bisping in his hotel room at The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas a couple of days before his UFC 100 fight against Dan Henderson.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Dan Henderson in an interview with UFC.com about his upcoming fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 100.

Dan Henderson TUF 9 Coach

Dan Henderson TUF 9 Team USA Coach

“Bisping does talk a lot,” Henderson told UFC.com. “I guess he was working to get me riled up, it’s almost impossible to get me riled up. I’m easy going and I can roll with it. If you disrespect me, I just kinda take a mental note. And ya know, that will come out his ass later.  I’ve fought plenty of guys that have the background in stand-up and I don’t have a problem striking with anybody. Obviously I don’t want to play into someones strengths and I’m usually better at being more well-rounded than my opponents. There’s something I’m always better at and that’s where I’m gonna try to force the fight to go. If I’m not out-striking him, I’m gonna take the fight somewhere else (smirks). I have a feeling he’s no better on his feet than I am. I’m sure he’s a little bit better at moving his feet and cutting some angles but he definitely doesn’t have more power than I do. I just wanna force him to fight me, cut him off, and make him stay in my face.”

“I’m expecting a tough fight as it is and I know he’s gonna be in shape and ready to go.” Henderson said. “That’s about the only thing that he has going for him is his cardio. I’m gonna focus on that and make sure it’s not a factor in this fight. I think if I don’t even step one foot into the gym and not work on technique or wrestling or anything and did just cardio, I’d still beat him up. I’m a better fighter, I’m more experienced and that’s there. I just wanna make sure my conditioning is there.”

“I don’t care what he says, it doesn’t matter, it’s not gonna change how I fight him,” said Henderson. “I’m still gonna be trying to knock him out, still trying to beat him up and make his lip so fat he can’t talk for a couple days. It’s still gonna be what I’m doing no matter what. So I don’t really care what he says, it doesn’t matter or affect anything.”

And Bisping’s response ?

Michael Bisping TUF 9 Team UK Coach

Michael Bisping TUF 9 Team UK Coach

Good luck with that you boring bastard!!!

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The UFC has traditionally award TUF coaches a top spec vehicle at the conclusion of a TUF season. Rich Franklin got a new Hummer in season two and Matt Hughes even negotiated for a pricey John Deere tractor after season six. Well Bisping and Henderson are no exception and both have been given new cars but not just any car.

The new vehicle is a specialty Windsor Collection edition Range Rover that comes with custom STRUT body kits and full audio-video and navigation systems.

Mike Bisping Takes Delivery Of His New STRUT Range Rover

Mike Bisping Takes Delivery Of His New STRUT Range Rover

“It’s an absolutely amazing car,” Bisping said. “It’s not just a Ranger Rover. It’s like the top of the range with every extra little extra on it you can imagine. “

Range Rovers are built in Solihull, West Midlands in Bisping’s home of the United Kingdom and have been a symbol of Brutishness since their inception just after the second world war.  But  these vehicles have had the STRUT treatment.

Headquartered in Corona, California, STRUT’s stunning jewellery collection for luxury vehicles is designed for discriminating automotive enthusiasts who demand the height of sophistication and style in all of life’s passions. Handcrafted of the finest chromed 316L stainless steel, hand-polished and signed by the artisan, STRUT products are designed and manufactured to withstand any weather condition, providing ongoing lustre and a superior appearance.

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