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UFC 101 Declaration

UFC 101 Declaration

UFC 101 Declaration in Philadelphia saw the hefty fight bonuses go to the main event stars.

Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin were awarded £60,000 each for Fight of the Night

Anderson Silva received an additional £60,000 for Knockout of The Night

BJ Penn landed himself £60,000 for Submission Of The Night for his RNC of challenger Kenny Florian

The fight of the night award seemed a little strange considering the rather bizarre way it ended with Griffin more or less running from the Octagon the minute he regained his composure and got to his feet. Griffin was not present in the Octagon to hear the result not was he at the post fight press conference afterwards.

Anderson Silva has succeeded in making yet another top level competitor appears a slow, clumsy novice. However the method of his victory, a stunning jab to the jaw of the back foot, endeared him once again to the UFC fans who got to witness the classic Silva. Supremely clinical striking and technical wizardry culminating in a deviating knockout.

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