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Fightshop ESSENTIALS: Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream from Thailand. FIGHTSHOP import and distribute the original Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream. Boxing Analgesic Cream is available both retail from the FIGHTSHOP website and wholesale by the case of 72 units.

Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream

Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream

Fightshop import and distribute Thai Boxing Analgesic Cream and Original Thai Oil. Available individually or by the case

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Rumble At The Reebok 2 – Trailer

Rumble At The Reebok World Muay Thai Championship. One of the best European line ups for Muay Thai with World Titles on the line. A night of unprecedented Muay Thai action at the Reebok Stadium.

Rumble At The Reebok is sponsored by Fighthshop.Com and Sandee Muay Thai Equipment. Sandee is the official equipment of Rumble At The Reebok.

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Fast and Furious Muay Thai action from the first of Bad Company’s Thai Events of the year.

The Leeds Oceana is the taster show to wet the appetite for Bad Company’s Richard Smith’s  Town Hall event in June, The event still featured a strong line up including Rich Cadden and Luke Turner both dominating . Check out the photos below

Fightshop (Fightshop.com) - View my 'Bad Company Leeds Oceana' set on Flickriver

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FIGHTSHOP Brand New Website Now Up !

FIGHTSHOP.com New Website

FIGHTSHOP.com New Website

Its here at last ! The all new FIGHTSHOP web store is here.

  • 1,000s of products
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fantastic offers
  • Free shipping on orders over £80
  • Free official Sandee poster with every Sandee purchase

Loads more features to be added over the next few weeks. Loads of new stock and brands coming in.

So join the FIGHTSHOP revolution and be part of the UKs biggest and best combat sports super store


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Bad Company, probably the most consistently successful Muay Thai gym in the UK to date. Bad Company is home to the likes of Liam Harison, Andy Howeson, Lisa Houghton-Smith, Richard Cadden, Jordan Watson and James France .

Richard Smith of Bad Company Muay Thai has been training champions and putting on some of the best domestic Muay Thai shows in the UK for years. This Sunday April 18th 2010 sees another awesome Bad Company Muay Thai promotion at Oceana Leeds.

The Bad Company Muay Thai show at Oceana Leeds Sunday 18th April full line up
3×2 Jordan Master A’s v Duncan Scott Kao Loi
5×1.5 Luke Imieson Bad Company v Warren Greaves Hanuman
5×1.5 Liam Hughes Team Tieu Gymbox v Martin Chok Dee
3×2 Rob Walker Master A’s v Simon Little Hanuman
5×1.5 Tim Nutter Pegasus v Sean Silver Salford
5×1.5 Ashley Twist Bad Company v Josh Buckle Kao Loi
5×1.5 Luke Kenneddy Tobins v Mark Price Wossabama
5×3 Luke Turner Bad Company v Rob Doyle Bridgestone

5×2 Kyle Fella Bad Company v Ryan Lowney Pythons
3×2 Kai Master A’s v Matt Craven Jai
5×2 Ben Lewis Bad Company v Marc Smith Russ Williams
5×1.5 Andy Sims East Riding v Rick Barton v MMA Academy
5×3 George Berry Bad Company v Jonno Chipchase MFA
5×1.5 Billy Hatton 2T/Sitnarong v Sam Shambley Fight Unit
5×3 Richard Cadden Bad Company v Paul Kelly Wossabama

Tickets are still available at www.badcompanyshop.co.uk

Fightnub is the official blog of Fightshop, the UK’s leading MMA, Muay Thai and Combat Sports Store. MMA equipment and clothing seen in UFC  can be purchased at www.fightshop.com

Photography for this event will be covered by Fightpics

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Rumble At The Reebok 2 - Thrasher vs Hudders

Rumble At The Reebok 2 - Thrasher vs Hudders

Rumble at The Reebok 2Andy Thrasher vs Frankie Hudders promises to be one of the greatest domestic Muay Thai tear ups of all time.

But who do you think will take it between these two experienced scrappers ?

Andy Thrasher or Frankie Hudders ? This is going to be a war. So make sure you get your ticket for what is shaping up to be the best domestic show of 2010.

Rumble at The Reebok 2 Thrasher vs Hudders Sat May 15th, DeVeere Whites, Reebok Stadium, Bolton – Vote Now !

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Ok so the best domestic fight card of 2010 is getting even better. We have been bringing you news as it happens and once gain we are on the ball for Rumble At The Reebok 2.

Andy Thrasher V Frankie Hudders
Liam Harrison v Andre Kotsur
Liam Robinson v Lee Green
Daiton Jackson v ???? (waiting for contract to be signed but agreed in principal to another great fight)

Couple more A class fights to follow once we have contracts signed

B class

Sean Perry v Chris Hargreaves
Reece Mcallister v Darren Till
Danny Crompton v Rob Horrocks
Cassie Robinson v Trica Carson

More to follow once contracts are signed

Rumble At The Reebok 2
is fast shaping up to be the domestic show of the year and if last years show was anything to go by production wise its going to blow everything else thats been before out of the water.

Rumble At The Reebok 2 – Sat 15th May 2010, Reebok Stadium, Bolton

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