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Following on from the spectacular success of the inaugural Rumble At The Reebok, Double Vision’s Rumble At The Reebok 2 – The Ultimate Lads’ Night has gone from strength to strength.

The Ultimate Lads’ Night was initially planned as a small scale low key affair in one of the venue’s secondary function rooms. However, the outstanding success of Double Vision’s first event meant that promoter Darren Morris has now moved his second Rumble At The Reebok outing to the main event suite at the Reebok Stadium’s four star DeVerre Whites Hotel, vastly increasing capacity in order to cope with the upsurge in demand.

Interest in Rumble At The Reebok 2 – The Ultimate Lads Night hasn’t stopped there however. Double Vision’s partnership with the UK’s leading combat sports importer, wholesaler and retailer FIGHTSHOP.com and their specialist e-marketing division FIGHTPICS and combat sports blog FIGHTNUB has seen Rumble At The Reebok promotional material reach over 20,000 combat sports consumers in the UK alone.

The effect of this intense and co-ordinated marketing campaign and partnership between FIGHTSHOP.com and Double Vision has now seen the Rumble At The Reebok brand being picked up on European fight forums. Once such forum, the Dutch site FIGHTTALK.NL, saw a Rumble At The Reebok post made by a Dutch resident receive over 150 views in little over 20 minutes and it isn’t stopping there either.

One thing is for certain, the Rumble At The Reebok brand is going places that no other UK promotion has been and fighters who appear on any of their future shows are going be appearing on a platform that will do wonders for their profile and fight careers not to mention the sport of Muay Thai in general.
Rumble At The Reebok 2 – The Ultimate Lads Night takes place this Friday 14th August at the 4 star DeVerre Whites Hotel at the Reebok Stadium Bolton.

Rumble At The Reebok 2 - The Ultimate Lads Night

Rumble At The Reebok 2 - The Ultimate Lads Night

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Rumble At The Reebok – The Ultimate Lads Night Out

This Friday (14th August) at The DeVerre Whites Hotel, Rebook Stadium, Bolton, Greater Manchester

Rumble At The Reebok - The Ultimate Lads Night Out

Rumble At The Reebok - The Ultimate Lads Night Out

Fight Card

daitan jackson (salford thai) v dale morris (gladiators notts) 5×3 ftr 74kg

chris hargreaves (elite) v josh turbull (spitfire mt)5×2 b class 68kg
(knee’s to the head)

martin davies (salford thai) v dean robinson (kirby thai) 5×2 b class 78kg (knee’s to the head)

richard jones (franks gym) v shaun lomas (kombat gym) 5×3 a class 78kg

mark skeer (salford thai) v john davis (failsworth f f) 5×1.5 c class 69kg

josh quigley (bolton thai) v andy logan (failsworth f f) 5×1.5 c class 80kg

mike hill (salford thai) v craig buckley (elite) 5×1.5 c class 80kg

andy bakewell (waterloo st) v gavin r (wigan) 5×1.5 c class 80kg

cassie robison (salford thai) v tbc () 5×1.5 c class 56kg

danny lomas (waterloo st) v danny whitelock (sit nak muay) 54kg c class

danny crompton (waterloo st) v liam goddard (pheonix gym) 60kg 5×1.5 c class

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Just six weeks after her decision loss against top ranked UK muay thai fighter Sheree Halliday, Bad Company’s Sarah McCarthy takes the fight to the USA where she takes on experienced American female fighter Roxy “Balboa”Richardson at the Anaheim Convention Centre, Los Angeles, California on the 18th July.

Last week Bad Company’s Richard Smith told Fightnub.com:

“Sarah is looking great in the gym and really looking forward to the fight. Roxy has a lot of amateur experience and has won the  IAMTF US Women’s Lightweight Champion 2008 & 2009. She also does MMA and has her own site – http://roxyfit.com. She’s experience and obviously a local favourite but I think she has bitten off more than she can chew taking on Sarah and against Bad Company!”

Bad Company's Sarah McCarthy

Bad Company's Sarah McCarthy

Leeds lady McCarthy who looked impressive at Rumble at the Reebok at the end of May, is hoping for a good showing against her American opponent who despite her amateur experience is fighting for the first time under full Thai rules, and has had to look to Europe to take her Muay Thai to the next level.  Speaking to fightnub.com Roxy said:

“I think Sarah is a tough competitor. From what I can tell, she is active, high in the British rankings, serious about training hard and I know she comes to throw down – those are the type of fighters i look forward to competing against. So… game on! I feel strong mentally and physically. My training is challenging and varied as usual. I love training hard, so that’s never been a problem. My fight trainer is Jimmie Romero and my strength coach is Kris Germain. Between the two of them I never question my preparation.

Roxy "Balboa" Richardson

Roxy "Balboa" Richardson

I was able to find many fights as an amateur in California. I have been fighting now for about 6 years and including “smokers” I have almost 20 fights, but there are few female pro Muay Thai fighters in the US, so when I felt it was time for me to fight full rules Muay Thai the promoters had to look to Europe. The system is different here than it is in Europe we don’t’ have A, B and C class fighters, it’s just sanctioned amateur (non-padded) or pro. “Smokers”, unsanctioned bouts with padding are now illegal.

Whatever the outcome we wish both girls good luck, and hope that Sarah can elevate UK Mauy Thai in the states.

Sheree Halliday vs Sarah MCarthy - Rumble at the Reebok

Sheree Halliday vs Sarah MCarthy - Rumble at the Reebok 31st May

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Another intense shot from Rumble at the Reebok 31st May 2009.

The next Muay Thai event by Double Vision Promotions is the Ultimate Lads Night, an evening of the best Muay Thai action and the hottest lapdancers, once again at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton, Greater Manchester.  Keep checking back at http://www.fightnub.com for more coverage of this exciting event comming up fast on the 14th August 2009

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Michael “The Count” Bisping prepares for his upcoming fight against Dan “Hollywood” Henderson using Sandee Thailand MMA and Muay Thai Boxing Equipment provided by FIGHTSHOP.com

Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping - Bisping Prepares for Henderson at UFC 100

Phil Baroni

Phil Baroni - Bisping Prepares for Henderson at UFC 100

Sandee Thailand MMA and Muay Thai Boxing Equipment is available from FIGHTSHOP.com. FIGHTSHOP.com are authorised distributors and wholesalers of Sandee Thailand MMA and Muay Thai Boxing Equipment.

To open a trade account contact sales@fightshop.com

Photos courtesy of www.sherdog.com

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Muay Thai Kickboxing at Old Trafford Manchester on the 4th July 2009. Revolution of Heroes. A tribute to British Muay Thai Boxing legend Ronnie Green.

Ronnie Green and Master Toddy

Ronnie Green and Master Toddy

Muay Thai Kickboxing legend Ronnie Green was one of the pioneers of Muay Thai Kickboxing in the west. Ronnie Green is 5 times British Muay Thai Kickboxing Champion, 5 times European and 5 times World Muay Thai Kickboxing champion.
Ronnie Green was the FIRST foreigner to not only beat but also be ranked in the main stadiums in Thailand and in doing so dropped the pebble in the pond which changed the face of UK and world Muay Thai Kickboxing. Ronnie Green has travelled the world beating the best of the best and has rightfully cemented his place in Muay Thai Kickboxing history.

Ronnie Green’s son Lee Green has now organised a 50th Birthday tribute event “Revolution of Heroes” to celebrate Ronnie Green, his achievements and his influence in not only Muay Thai Kickboxing but the world of martial arts as a whole.

The event organised by Lee Green features some of the best British Muay Thai Kickboxing talent, along with Muay Thai fighters from Thailand and France. This really is an event not to be missed.

Current Fight Card

Dale White (Dean Whites) vs Said Youb (Benattia bros, France) 5×3 FTR, @53.5Kg

Richard Fenwick (AKA) vs Sayaknoi (Thailand) 5×3 FTR, @70Kg

Lee Green (Higher Level) vs Liam Robinson (Tony Myers) 5×3 FTR, @67Kg

Paulo Da Silva (Lumpini Crawley) vs Sebastien Ocana (Team Aquitaine, France) 5×3 FTR @53Kg

Danny Taylor (Lumpini Crawley) vs Albert Chey (Team Aquitaine, France) 5×3 FTR @59Kg

John Dennis (Spartan) vs Carl Copestake (K-Star) 5×3 FTR @ 62Kg

Matt Sheedy (Eagles Cardiff) vs Dave Copestake (K-Star) 5×3 FTR @ 65Kg

Serfiane Derdega (Benattia Bros, France) vs Seamus Cogan (Siam, Ireland) 5×3 FTR @63.5Kg

Joey Brincatt (Eagles Cardiff) vs Graeme Ness (Fighting Fit) 5×3 FTR @54Kg

Mick Paszowski (Fighting Fit) vs Rit (Thailand) 5×3 FTR @ 62Kg

Marc Brown (Lumpini Crawley) vs Maurice Riley (Northern Spirit) 5×3 FTR @60Kg

Reece McAllister (Pheonix) vs Abdelzize Hlali (Team Aquitaine, France) 5×3 @64Kg

David Riley (Northern Spirit) vs Anthony Ferguson (East Area) 5×3 FTR @ 59Kg

Joe Tomlin (Knuckles) vs Paul Long (Bennatia Bros, France) 5×2 (junior bout)@34Kg

Revolution of Heroes a tribute to Ronnie Green takes place on Saturday July 4th

The Manchester Suite
Old Trafford Football Ground
Sir Matt Busby Way
Old Trafford
M16 0RA

Doors Open 2:00pm Kick Off 3:00pm

For ticket and VIP package details e-mail ronniegreentribute@hotmail.co.uk
or contact Lee on 07776 137 389.

Revolution Of Heroes – A Muay Thai Kickboxing event not to be missed !

From back in the day –

Ronnie Green vs Sombat Sor Thanikul

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Muay Thai Legends, muay thai boxing updated fight card for one of the best UK Muay Thai events.  Muay Thai Legends 1st August Fairfield Halls London.

Muay Thai Legends

Muay Thai Legends

England vs Thailand Full Thai rules
Andy Thrasher (GFC, England) vs Kaoponglek (Thailand)

England vs Thailand Full Thai rules
Michael Dicks (Darlington, England) vs Thanit Im-On (Thailand)

England vs Thailand Full Thai rules
Damien Trainor(K-STar, England) vs Tawatchai Budasdee (Thailand)

UKMF British Title
Michael WAkeling (Scorpions) vs Marc Sargeant (Studio 2000)

Full Thai Rules Superfight
Leroy Morgado (Super Gym) vs Tim Thomas (Nak Soo)

Womens Itnernational Bout
Ruth Ashdown (Crawley, England) vs Angelica Falk (Sweden)

England vs Scotland Full Thai Rules
Greg Wootoon (KO Gym) vs Paul Kelly (Wossobama)

Heavyweight Rumble
Daniel Sam (LMTA) vs Nick Shephard (Leeds)

Full Thai Rules
Arnold Oborotov (KO Bloodline) vs Joe Colville (Shin Kick)

Plus Ollie Watson, Sheree Halliday, Dillian White, Adam-Lee Mason, Philip Tieu, Charlie Peters, Adam Grew, many others and yes you heard it hear first – Simon Chu is back….

For Muay Thai Legends tickets call 0208 6889291

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Top UFC Fighters Mike Bisping and Quinton Rampage Jackson sparring. Mike Bisping is using his  favourite mma equipment brand of gloves “Sandee of Thailand”. Sandee Thailand martial arts training equipment is  distributed in the UK and Europe by FIGHTSHOP.com

Mike Bisping Sparring With Rampage With Sandee Gloves

Mike Bisping Sparring Rampage With Sandee Gloves

To open a trade account and stock Sandee martial arts training equipment in your club or shop contact FIGHTSHOP.com

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John Wayne Parr is fast approaching a century of fights. The 33 year old star of the Contender Asia had his first fight when he was only 14 and his next fight will be his hundredth.

The Australian, who first started learning Taekwondo at the age of 11, has fought in K-1 and enjoyed a successful boxing career as well as making a brief sojourn into the world of professional MMA. However it is as a Muay Thai fighter that he will best be remembered and it is fitting that his one hundredth fight should be against a fellow Muay Thai legend, Buakaw Por Pramuk.

‘It feels as though it has taken bloody forever to reach 100 fights but I finally made it and it will be against one of the best fighters on the planet on the biggest Muay Thai show in the world,’ he says.

The fight will be taking place on June 26th at Montego Bay in Jamaica in possibly the biggest international event in the history of the sport. ‘Buakaw has beaten so many world class fighters and at one stage was untouchable but now things are starting to change and he is starting to get tagged more and more. If I can give him a hard fight when he was at his peak and know I can beat him if he is not “on” fighting me,’ says John.

John Wayne Parr Heading out to Jamaica - Photo by Carmen Bakker

John Wayne Parr Heading out to Jamaica - Photo by Carmen Bakker

Buakaw won their previous encounter in the final of the K-2 Max Tournament in 2004 and the Australian is looking forward to the opportunity to get revenge in Jamaica, ‘I am excited about this fight. Buakaw is a super star

I’m not worried because I have a lot of experience of getting in the ring with good fighters. I don’t know whether I will win the entire tournament but I have a lot of confidence in myself. I have been training specifically for K-1 and I am in great shape.’ John Wayne Parr, alongside fellow Contender Asia veteran Yodsenklai, was notable by his absence from the 2009 K-1 World Max Tournament. Would he like to have been involved in such a prestigious event?
‘I would love to still be in K-1 Max but it’s not up to me it’s up to the bosses of the corporation. In my last fight for them I fought Kinami and beat him pretty easy. That was my last fight on my contract and K-1 said they would re-sign me. The next promotion came and went and no one contacted me and I been waiting ever since. I don’t mind though, K-1 is great to fight for but I have managed to stay busy fighting what I love best in full Muay Thai so life goes on. I don’t miss making 70kg either.’
The inaugural series of reality TV show the Contender Asia did much to raise the profile of Muay Thai world wide and while he may have only finished as runner up John was the undeniable star of the show. ‘Not only did the Contender Asia help get the sport of Muay Thai into lounge rooms across the world that would never usually spend the time to tune in but also helped lift my profile to a whole new level.

Now wherever I go around the world I have people come up and say hello because they watched the show. It really is a buzz to get recognized as the guy that was on that show.’
John was very much the veteran of the house and he managed to endear himself to housemates and viewers alike. He has fond memories of his time on the show, ‘Being older and having as many fights as I have had meant I got a lot of respect off the younger guys and they would all ask me to work there corner which was quite an honor. Even though I was older then most of the boys I still held my own and got to the final, cant ask for much more then that,’ he says ‘I am happy with everything that happened on the show apart from getting chickenpox.

The whole time when I was in Singapore I wanted to reach the final for myself, but once the show started to air I realized how important it was for my profile world wide with so many people watching. I lost the final but I am happy I gave Yodsanklai a hard fight, those knock downs were the hardest I have ever been punched in the face but I got up and least I made Yod earn his $150,000 instead of just giving it to him.’ Since losing to Yodsanklai John has defeated fellow Contender Asia cast members Sean Wright and Dzhabar Askerov and, more impressively, recently avenged his 2002 loss to Mike Zambidis. Now aged 33 and with 99 bouts under his belt the fight with Buakaw will give him the perfectopportunity to demonstrate that the journey which began with that first Taekwondo lesson 22 years ago is far from over.

John Wayne Parr spoke exclusively to James Goyder for Muay Thai Phuket Magazine www.jamesgoyder.com

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The kick is louder than the bark

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