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Alex Reid Pulls Out Of Fight With Tom Watson

Tom “Kong” Watson sensationally announced on his  blog today that Alex Reid has pulled out their planned fight, apparently due to a knee injury. The MMA match up was due to take place at BAMMA on May 15th but now Reid’s pull out has left Watson without an opponent and according to Watson, seriously out of pocket.

Alex Reid vs Tom Waton BAMMA 3

Alex Reid vs Tom Waton BAMMA 3

Tom Watson has for several weeks being questioning Alex Reid’s dedication, training and whether or not he would actually take the fight. In fact Watson even make comments on his blog back on the 8th April regarding whether or not Reid would actually show up.  However Alex Reid’s continued promotional activities convinced all concerned in both Watsons camp and at the fight promoters BAMMA, that Reid intended to fight.

Reid had been complaining of knee problems several weeks ago but turned down offers by promoters BAMMA to have their Doctor examine his knee, insisting he would be fine. Alex Reid then apparently took a holiday to Egypt for a week just four weeks out from the fight.

“I found this very strange and questioned his intentions as did BAMMA” said Watson, “He then again told Bamma, CPL and Virgin Media he was going to fight”.

The announcement from Reid that he had to pull out due to a knee injury is at odds with a statement made by Watson on his blog which indicated that Reid’s lawyer had informed them that Alex Reid was simply not adequately prepared and as a result not fit enough to fight.

“I am so angry at the way he has disrespected me in his behaviour.  If Reid had pulled out 2 weeks earlier I would have been able to confirm Jeremy Horn so you can see the level of opponent I am looking for” said a clearly angry and frustrated Watson.

BAMMA 3 – Takes place on Sunday May 15th at the LG Arena , Birmingham www.bamma.com

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