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The new UFC Magazine. Behind the scenes of the Mir vs Lesnar photo shoot

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Exclusive sneak preview of the UFC Magazine. Pretty slick production. My favourite is Bisping suited and booted next to an Aston Martin facing of a casual Dan Henderson next to some American muscle car.

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The eagerly awaited UFC 100 commemorative edition magazine isn’t supposed to hit the newsstands until June 29th but here at FIGHTNUB.COM we have an exclusive preview and review of the magazine.

The special issue magazine timed to coincide with what is expected to be one of the biggest pay-per-view events in UFC history on July 11, is already 10 deep on the shelves in some grocery stores in China.

How and why  the Chinese get to see this highly anticipated publication before anyone in America or Europe is anyone’s guess, but friend of Fightnub.com “Slip the Jab” the man with his ear to the ground in China bought it, read it, and did this 3 minute review. Cheers Slip

Dana White - Cover Model of The New UFC Magazine

Dana White - Cover Model of The New UFC Magazine

Ok quick update… I wore that badboy out today. I read it from cover to cover and then some… a hilarious photo shoot that shows Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir about to brawl in a casino… obviously it’s a totally pro lit and shot studio shot.

What else… yeah the pics overall are tops.

Oh… mind blowing… just insane…
There is a top down shot of the octagon and so you see it all, the crowd and everything form a birdseye view… and then there are little callouts that show what they have going on… get this… no less than 16 camera men covering each bout from start to finish… insane. The whole thing is what boxing wasn’t. They’ve really notched it up… its just a mad sales piece… whenever Zufa (the Fertitta brothers) and Dana White walk away from this if they do they will be billionaires. They’ve got to be getting close now.

This is what boxing never had… big glitzy layouts explaing all the details and rules and the ins and outs and just letting the fans and punters know what the hell is going on… they called out the press areas and how many people were covering it… they counted out the number of security at the venue for each show… I mean Disney doesn’t even run a ship this tight. Boxing really just can’t compare. They are so behind the curve it’s depressing… and that’s coming from a died in the wool boxing fan.

Oh… and a great little interview with the top UFC cut guy… stuff I want to know about. Damn love this stuff. I think it can only get better if this is the start. Impressed.

The magazine is mad equity in the UFC brand. Even I noticed every interview with every fighter was all about how the UFC made it possible… what it means to be UFC associated… why it’s tits to be in the UFC… how come your grandmothers taint tastes better because of UFC!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Mad marketing I tell ya !

The production quality of the mag and photoshoots is high. Easily on par with the best fight mags out there… maybe even better… certainly shows all the Kung Fu today etc to be the pieces of turds they are in terms of production value.

It can be a bit over the top… but what in the UFC isn’t?

They will turn a profit from the mag at any rate.. because they’re not paying a cent extra for all the fight pics… for the spreads yes… but that’s covered easy and they will have no trouble selling ad space. Of which they already had chock full of ads for protein gear and you name it.

Oh get this…. HAHAHAHAHA!!! They even have car and lifestyle products review. That’s right… sunglasses and lip balm and key chains. And MMA fighters in pro-shot fashion exposes…. no kidding. Not just hack work.. stuff that is lit, styled and shot.

They have semi-serious write ups on muscle cars… its comedy… exterior and interior shots… rimz (what nukka ain’t ridin’ on rims biatch!?)… ROTFLMAO!!

They have hot centerfold honeys as well. Got to say she looks great in the shots they have … not like the usual low end ring girl skank. They’re definitely going up market.

Jeez what else? I’ll think of some more.. but worth checking out. Oh one interesting thing… the shop that had these never carries boxing mags and only one other Aus. based fight/MA mag… yet this premier issue they had NO LESS THAN 10 COPIES!!

There is some cozy dealings going on with their sales reps for sure. If UFC fighters are essentially modern day gladiators… then no doubt the Fertitti brothers and Dana White are some clever ass senators ruling the citizens of the fight world.

FWIW I searched and tried to find a copy of the cover of it to post here… but couldn’t – not even on Amazon… I find it shocking that I have 10 copies here in HK but can’t find a cover shot online. Weird.

Looks like it is set to be a winner, but will they really stop at one edition? Time will tell.







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